‘The first thing I encountered was the trophies, medals, photographs and a huge cup – it was just full of Aaron’s achievements … It would very much be the grassroots story of what he had done and where he had got to.’

How are photographic portraits commissioned and made? In this audio blog, Anne Braybon, Commissions Manager for the Road to 2012 project talks about selecting and meeting the sitters and working alongside the commissioned photographers on shoots.

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About Anne Braybon

As Commissions Manager for Road to 2012, Anne Braybon shapes the structure of the commissions, researches the sitters and works with the photographers to produce the portraits. Anne has worked with the National Portrait Gallery on photographic commissioning projects since 2005. Previous displays include Defying Distance (2005) by Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, A Picture of Health (2006) by Julia Fullerton-Batten and Faith and Church (2007) by Don McCullin.

Anne developed a passion for photography while working as an award-winning editorial art director in Amsterdam, Paris and London. She is an associate lecturer at Central St Martins, University of the Arts, London and leads courses for the public and private sector including Tate Modern, advertising agency Bartle Boogle Hegarty and the Photographers' Gallery, London.

As an AHRC Research Fellow at the Photography and the Archive Research Centre, London College of Communications, London Anne contributed to a project investigating new British photography in the1970s and her research continues to focus on 1952-1972.