Soil Engineers

The portrait of the Soil Engineers is by Brian Griffin. Hear him speaking about his approach to photography and portraiture.

The Portrait

Antonn Russek, David Skerritt, Stephen Deeble, Clare Staveley
Photographed by Brian Griffin
5 October 2009, Olympic Park, London

Antonn Russek, David Skerritt, Stephen Deeble and Clare Staveley (left to right) are civil engineers who worked with the Olympic Park Enabling Works, preparing the Olympic site for construction. Russek managed the Soil Treatment Centre and the plants that cleaned 80% of contaminated soil for reuse on the site. Skerritt project managed the Enabling Works in the south of the Park. Engineering Manager Deeble supervised the innovative and sustainable techniques used to fulfil London’s ‘Green Games’ targets. Staveley analysed soil and supervised the soil washing plants.

‘Technically Steve Deeble is a guru. He knows everything you need to know down to the last detail… ’
Antonn Russek

© Brian Griffin/National Portrait Gallery/BT Road to 2012