‘From an ancient city to a metropolis.’

Pavlos Vranas, University of East London, student


The Olympic Games were created in Greece. Despite current economic difficulties in Greece making them feel concerned and uncertain about their future, Sofia Ichtiaroglou (20), Pavlos Vranas (23) and Zoe Chavali (21) continue to hope and believe in a better future. Watching the build up to the London Olympic and Paralympic Games in London makes us feel proud and closer to our homeland.

From Greece to London 2012 by Nektaria Lampitsi


Nektaria Lampitsi (b.1992) was born in Cyprus. She was introduced to art by the Cypriot artist Margarita Hadjisavva. Currently living in London, Lampitsi studies fine art. She works with printmaking and sculpture to communicate her social and political views and is inspired by the artistic traditions of Cyprus.

Nektaria Lampitsi

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