‘When I compete, I compete not only to get national qualifying times, but to prove to the rest of London that east London is moving forward and is able to produce swimmers that can rival other competitors.’

Katya Zossimova, student


Newham Swimming Club has benefitted from its proximity to the Olympic Park. Local swimmers Joe Foster (16) and Katya Zossimova (15) have recently started to receive coaching to help them perform at international level through sponsorship from the University of East London. Introspection captures their reflections on the impact the Games has already had on their lives.

Introspection by Oliver Durcan


Oliver Durcan (b.1991) graduated from Byam Shaw School of Art and Design and is currently studying fine art. Primarily a painter, portraiture and the ideas around interpretation and perception are recurring subjects in his work. He is interested in the re-creation and documentation of human experience in reaction to how developments, particularly in technology, change society.

Oliver Durcan

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