‘If my journey is a drag I’ll pretend I’m Mark Cavendish waiting for my moment to sprint for the line in the road race. This is a small price to pay however to have the world’s greatest sporting event in our back yard.’

John Hubbard, commuter


With the closure of several major roads and the increased pressure on public transport, many businesses across the city have established Olympic committees to ensure their staff can continue to work. John Hubbard’s Commute explores one individual’s new daily commute across London to work.

 John Hubbard’s Commute by Sarah Dimmock


Sarah Dimmock (b.1991) is a second year fine art student. She has lived in London all her life. An avid traveller, Sarah photographs places she has visited, capturing the unique vibrancy and warmth of each cultural encounter. Her main inspiration is her grandfather whom throughout his life has been in constant contact with photography.

Sarah Dimmock

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