‘You can’t help going through different emotions when trying to stand out in such a competitive place but in a way that makes London an even more exciting place to live in.’

Denia Kazakou, student


My rental contract states that my monthly rent can be altered at any time and I can be evicted from my flat with just one month’s notice. Landlords have said that they will be renting rooms for increased amounts of money during the summer that no student can easily afford. Renting in East London is an interpretation of the impact the London Olympic and Paralympic Games may have on the affordability of local housing.

Renting in East London by Denia Kazakou


Denia Kazakou (b.1986) was born in New York but from the age of ten has lived in Crete. She uses self-portraiture with a confidence to express herself. She is currently studying a degree in fine art.

Denia Kazakou

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