‘The thing about this coffee shop is that every ingredient in the coffee has been thought about and cared for and we like to think of ourselves as much a part of the coffee as the coffee beans themselves. If we weren’t working here we would probably be rock stars.’

Barista, Full Stop Bar, Brick Lane


The Coffee Shop Experience celebrates the people who serve us our daily coffee and the art of coffee-making. Our increased hunger for good coffee has fuelled the rise of artisan coffee shops in east London. This series of portraits documents various independent 21st-century watering-holes and shows us the faces of the driving force behind the ‘grind’.

The Coffee Shop Experience by Lucas Seidenfaden


Lucas Seidenfaden (b.1989) is a photographer, film-maker and web developer. Born in Germany, Lucas has lived in Spain, Indonesia and the US before coming to London to pursue a degree in photography with marketing for design. He is inspired by random encounters in the street and digital innovation.

Lucas Seidenfaden

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