‘The river has always drawn people out from the city. This summer it’s going to be different; the whole world will want to revel in its beauty.’

Gary Melendez, angler


The sooty spectre of London’s industrial past provides the backdrop for the greatest show on earth. As London hosts the greenest Games on record, the world’s attention will be drawn away from the ashen-clad office blocks of the inner city towards the verdant pastures of the lower Lee Valley.

Stretching twenty-six miles from the suburbs of Hertfordshire into the heart of east London, the Lee Valley Park is an interconnecting series of river-ways, wetlands and nature reserves. From local residents who use the park on a daily basis, to the many volunteers who help maintain it, this project highlights the intrinsic connection between East Londoners and their green urban oasis.


The Green Legacy by Joe Bullock


Joe Bullock (b.1985) uses the photographic medium to pursue an eclectic mix of subject matters, ranging from a topological investigation into architectural design to the documentation of children living in a war-torn region in the southern Caucasus. By combining his imagery with editorial writing, his inspiration comes from the countless untold stories of the world.

Joe Bullock

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