‘They promised to turn the parking lot on the other side of the river back into a park after the Games, we’ll see.’

James Corrway, local resident


Hackney Marshes is the spiritual home of Sunday-league football with eighty-two pitches filled every Sunday. During the week though, this wide open space is a blank canvas. The Marsh documents people who enjoy this space Monday to Friday.

It reflects individual characters but also a community, acknowledging a collective consciousness of everyone who has ever been to the marshes.

The Marsh by Mattias Malk


Mattias Malk (b.1990) is from Tallinn, Estonia. After completing a foundation course in photography at the Estonian Academy of Arts, he moved to London to complete his degree. He is concerned with planned environments and urban logic. With a critical eye he doubts what is generally taken for granted and investigates the internal mechanics defining our societal regime.

Mattias Malk

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