‘Since I retired, I’ve had the time to volunteer and give something back. It’s an enjoyable and enlightening experience.’

Mike Lodge, London 2012 volunteer


70,000 volunteers are devoting their own time to help ensure the Olympic and Paralympic Games go according to plan. The volunteers form part of the largest-ever recruitment drive in the UK. By documenting the day-to-day lives of two volunteers, a link between them is established. They share a common passion to be part of a unique experience and the portraits give an insight into the vast demographic of volunteers proud to be part of London 2012.

The Volunteers by Joshua Brown


Joshua Brown (b.1990) studies fine art. Primarily working in abstraction through painting and drawing, he is interested in building relationships and dialogues within his own work. He has a very strong interest in photography and he is particularly passionate about traditional black and white photography. The relationships he forms with his photographic subjects are of great importance to his work.

Joshua Brown

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