‘We’re doing what the Olympians are, we’re achieving something. They’re achieving gold, were achieving gold in another way. We’re achieving our onions, carrots, our cabbages. When they finish they have a gold medal, they have all the glory, we haven’t got any glory but we have the produce, you know.’

Larry Springthorpe, allotment owner


Two hundred and twenty metres is the distance that separates the Leyes Road allotments at Custom House from the Olympic and Paralympic Games taking place at the ExCeL Centre. The community gardeners have been training all year growing their plants and vegetables ready to show and harvest this summer. These two communities are linked by a shared commitment, dedication and passion. The allotments are moments away from the site where over 160 sporting events will take place, but they remain undisturbed and untouched by the Games. A beautiful calmness and tranquillity endures.

Two Hundred and Twenty Metres by Greg Hayward


Greg Hayward (b.1985) studies photography. He is the photography editor of the student newspaper and interested in large-format photography. He currently works as a photography assistant. His recent projects include the books Beautiful Tennis Courts of Britain, Landscapes of Health & Hope and Project 24.

Greg Hayward

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