The Commission

  1. Callum Pattinson b.1998

    ‘I would like to nominate my son for the maturity beyond his years he has shown towards his late Nan.

    My mother was diagnosed with cancer that gradually left her immobile and needing 24-hour care. Myself and my brother both provided care but it became difficult to do. This is where Callum stepped in. At first he offered to sit with her, for the occasional hour, but as he came to understand her illness, he took it upon himself to do more – eventually staying with her all the time. Callum was at her side until the very end, and refused to leave her as she took her last breaths. He delivered a brave eulogy at her funeral about the fun times they had shared. He wants to make her proud even if she isn’t here.’

    Quoted material from Olympic Torch Bearer nomination by Tracy Pattinson, Callum’s mother

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